Water Rights For All!

We are artists and activists devoted to changing the world, one potholder at a time. This is our ELEVENTH year weaving potholders in support of water rights. All of our materials are donated, so every penny we make goes directly to H2O for Life. 


The potholders are 100% cotton, made from loops from Harrisville Designs, a mill in New Hampshire. Therefore, they are entirely made in the USA! We sell two sizes: 6x6" for $8 each and 8.5x8.5” for $12. 


This is Ella's eleventh year weaving potholders and Mabel's seventh!


Last summer we raised $5,700 to build hand-washing stations, new latrines, and a rain catchment tank for the 451 students of Madegwa Primary School in Kenya and the 60 students of Gagadi School in Jodhpur, India. Our new goal is our largest ever: to raise $6600 for the 1872 students and 18 teachers of Matsimbe Secondary School in Malawi.


Custom orders are always welcome. 

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Ella and Mabel