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Today we celebrate Kathryn Kay, founder of A Writer Within. Kathryn leads inspiring writers retreats in Tuscany. She generously pledges a portion of A Writer Within’s annual profits to Sisters4Water to fund our projects with H2O for Life. Thanks to her lavish donation, our water project for the Navajo Nation of New Mexico is 82% funded! We are so grateful for her sustaining support and guiding light. Relax, Renew, Write!

  • sisters4water

Whatever the outcome, THANK YOU FOR VOTING! Your vote is your voice and more voices were heard in this election than ever before in our nation!

  • sisters4water

It’s Day 19 of our Voting Campaign! 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, guaranteeing and protecting women's constitutional right to vote. Today, more than 68 million women vote in elections because of real-life Wonder Women: the courageous suffragists who never gave up the fight for equality.  Please vote!!!  In gratitude and solidarity,  Ella & Mabel

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Thank You!

Ella and Mabel