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Brava, Barbara White!

Congratulations to one of our inspirations, Barbara White, on the publication of her newest book, Disturber of Tradition: A Portrait of Anna Gardner. Anna Gardner (1816–1901) was a Nantucket educator, writer, abolitionist, and suffragist. A lifelong advocate of justice, she worked tirelessly toward her vision of an equitable society. A co-organizer of the 1841 Nantucket Anti-Slavery Convention, the first teacher and principal of the Jefferson School for freedmen in Charlottesville, Va., and among the first women to vote on Nantucket, Gardner engaged in movements locally, regionally, and nationally throughout the nineteenth century. Her story shows that societal change is possible at the ground level when everyday people put their principles into action. Here's to Barbara, Anna Gardner, and folks everywhere fighting for equity and justice! And our deepest gratitude to Barbara and Mark for their generous donation to our H20 for Life project. 

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1 Comment

Aug 23, 2020

Thank you two for the good work that you do! And, thanks for the shout out, too!

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